Validation of GRI Reports

Our qualified assessors validate your sustainability reports and your LCA Life Cycle Analysis accordingly to international recognized standards (e.g. AA1000AS, ISO 14024, ...).

We are licensed Sustainability Assurance Service Provider by Accountability (Link to Licensed Assurance Providers).

We offer our service on three levels:

Formal level validation: This includes checking formal and material correctness of your GRI Report (all required content is included, exceptions are justified, the GRI index is complete and all references within the report are correct). No validation according AA1000AS possible.

Limited validation: This includes the formal level validation plus content check for plausibility and comparison with other publicly available information about the company (e.g. annual reports, information for investors, websites). Validation according AA1000AS possible.

Complete reasonable validation: This includes the complete limited validation plus evidence-based review of the content. For this purpose, either an on-site audit is carried out at the publisher of the report or evidence of the correctness is requested (e.g. system and product certificates, life cycle analysis, reports from other audit companies, etc.). Validation according AA1000AS possible.

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